Let's Run!

Let’s Run!

RUN. The word might scare you. It may excite you. It may conjure terrible (or wonderful) memories from a race you completed, or perhaps of a miserable, 3-mile final during your high school PE class (yes- it was my final!). Whether this word fires you up or burns you out, running provides an excellent way to get into shape and stay healthy.

Running is great because you can do it almost any time and any place. Despite what someone may tell you, all you really need are shoes, comfy clothes, and a sports bra if you’re a female. There are all kinds of extra gadgets and accessories that can make running more enjoyable, but they aren’t required. Keep it simple! You can always enhance your run with these things later.

Why not get up and go? Be outside; run free and enjoy the open road. Or the open track. Or open trail. The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer. Relax, unwind, and blow off some steam. And rev-up your heart beat while you’re at it. Share your favorite run spots or races in the comments below.

If you haven’t run before, or if you’re just getting back into it, make sure you start small. Don’t overdo it! Short distances, slower speeds, and minimal hills are things to consider if you’re just starting to run after a break. Follow the 10% rule, and don’t increase your run distance more than 10 percent of what you did the following week. Runner’s World has a good article about the 10% rule here.

We are here to provide you chiropractic care during your journey! Whether you need an adjustment, some massage therapy, or even kinesiotaping (or taping with Rock Tape), we are here to help you run better. You can always make an appointment at 503-482-6408. Remember that we are in the office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so please leave a message if we miss you.


Thanks for reading! Happy Running!

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