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Dr Tolonen’s Story

Dr. Tolonen shares the path which lead her to becoming a chiropractor:   Have you ever wondered why people pick certain jobs? I have always been intrigued by people, and my especially curiosity spikes when it comes to their careers. Did you become a fireman because one saved your life? Did you become a teacher after. . . Read More

We Are Moving to Oregon City!

It is with excitement and equal sadness that we announce our move to Oregon City. Our transition will occur through the month of November.   Dr. Tolonen has enjoyed being part of the Wilsonville community, and although this change is unexpected, it is coupled with excitement and hope. An opportunity to become part of, and subsequently take over, a. . . Read More

August Schedule Changes

Beginning Wednesday August 12th, our office hours will vary, as Dr Tolonen will be providing coverage for a clinic requiring immediate assistance after unexpected events. We will do our best to accommodate our current patients’ schedules and needs, even if it means coming in early or staying late.   SCHEDULE CHANGES: Wednesday, August 12th: HALF DAY. . . Read More

Our Open House

On Sunday July 19th, Active Oregon Chiropractic held an open house and invited our community, colleagues, and patients to check out the clinic. There was plenty of food, delicious cake, and an array of drinks for everyone to enjoy. We also invited attendees to take part in a raffle. Our prizes included a TheraBand™ foam roller, three. . . Read More

Pillow Talk

Sleep is an important factor in our lives. We need it to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. After injuries, it becomes extra important because our bodies need it to heal. When we don’t sleep well, we can be irritable, lethargic, and unproductive. So, what happens if we are sleeping a decent number of hours, but not getting good quality sleep? I recently. . . Read More

Let’s Run!

RUN. The word might scare you. It may excite you. It may conjure terrible (or wonderful) memories from a race you completed, or perhaps of a miserable, 3-mile final during your high school PE class (yes- it was my final!). Whether this word fires you up or burns you out, running provides an excellent way. . . Read More